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Campsite vacancy highlights: August 9-11

Time in nature has been proven to lead to better sleep, improved productivity, and lower stress. What better reasons to go camping?

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Near North

Restoule Provincial Park

View of site 11 shows wide open space with tall trees surrounding it.
Site 11, Bells Point Campground. Tent camping

Paddle along the base of the Stormy Lake Bluffs, or hike to the top for a view of the local landscape. More than 90 species of birds frequent the waters and forests of Restoule, including Peregrine Falcons, Bald Eagles and Osprey.

Restoule is 1 hour south of North Bay, and 2 hours north of Orillia.

Chutes Provincial Park

View of site 107 with picnic table in frame.
Site 107, Log Drive and Big Chute Crescent Campgrounds. Tent camping

Situated between Sudbury and Sault Ste. Marie, Chutes offers great hiking with views of scenic waterfalls and a river gorge. It’s a great base from which to explore Manitoulin Island and the North Channel of Lake Huron.

Chutes is just over 1 hour from Sudbury, and 2.5 hours from Sault Ste. Marie.

Northeastern Ontario

Wakami Lake Provincial Park

View of site 18. You can see the lake just through the trees.
Site 18, Birch and Pine Grove Campgrounds. Tent camping *waterfront*

This waterfront campsite is nestled in the forest on the shoreline of Wakami Lake. Discover pitcher plants and sundew on the park’s hiking trails, or rent a kayak and explore by water.

Also, did you know that Wakami Lake is one of Ontario Parks’ undiscovered fishing hotspots?

Wakami Lake is 4 hours from Sault Ste Marie, and 5 hours from Sudbury.

Esker Lakes Provincial Park

View of site 2 shows a nice parking spur with lots of grass on site.
Site 2, Sunny Point Campground. Tent camping or RV up to 32 ft. *electrical*

Esker Lakes lies within the vast boreal forest that covers much of northern Ontario. The collection of picturesque lakes, separated by short, fairly level portages and no motorboats, makes the park ideal for canoeing.

Or, explore the Lonesome Bog Trail at Esker Lakes and hike through a variety of habitats in boreal forest ecosystems and ancient glacial landscapes.

Esker Lakes is just over 4 hours from North Bay and 2 hours from Timmins. 

Northwestern Ontario

Sandbar Lake Provincial Park

View of site 56 shows lots of shade and open space with good buffer surrounding it.
Site 56, Campground. Tent camping or RV up to 32 ft. *electrical*

The sandy beach’s gently sloping swimming area is great for kids. Paddle through some of the finest fishing lakes in northern Ontario (canoe rentals available). A fish-cleaning station, with lights, running water and cutting tables is located by the boat launch.

Sandbar Lake is 3 hours from Thunder Bay or 1.5 hours from Dryden. 

Aaron Provincial Park

View of site 79 shows flat pull through site with nice spur for RV.
Site 79, Aaron B Campground. Tent camping or RV up to 32 ft. *electrical*

Aaron is right on Thunder Lake, a remnant of the ancient glaciers that covered Ontario tens of thousands of years agoTwo sandy beaches and the clear, shallow waters make Aaron an ideal destination for water-based activities, such as swimming, boating and fishing.

Aaron is 4 hours from Winnipeg and Thunder Bay. 

Southwestern Ontario

Rondeau Provincial Park

View of site 108 shows a wide open space, lots of grass, few trees surrounding it.
Site 108, South Campground. Tent camping

Eleven beach accesses lead to 11 km of beautiful sandy beaches along the Lake Erie side of the Rondeau peninsula. The park also offers six hiking trails from which to explore this world-renowned birding destination.

Rondeau is 3 hours from Toronto and 1.5 hours from London. 

Earl Rowe Provincial Park

View of site 68 shows it in a cedar grove.
Site 68, Rabbit Loop and Blue Heron Campground. Tent camping

Enjoy daily Discovery programming, and free Learn to Fish lessons. Spend the day swimming or explore the park’s hiking trails, including the paved Fletcher’s Mill Pond Trail.

Earl Rowe is only 1.5 hours from Toronto, or 45 minutes from Barrie.

Southeastern Ontario

Darlington Provincial Park

View of site 291 shows a nice open space surrounded by pine trees.
Site 291, Hilltop Campground. Tent camping

At Darlington you will find a beautiful stretch of sandy beach on the shores of Lake Ontario.

The sheltered waters of McLaughlin Bay are ideal for canoes and paddle boats.

Darlington is less than 1 hour from Toronto, 2 hours from Kingston and 20 minutes from Oshawa.

Rideau River Provincial Park

View of site 114 shows large site with full grass.
Site 114, West Campground. Tent camping or RV up to 18 ft

Rideau River is a great base for exploring Ottawa and the historic Rideau waterway. Visit this website and click on “Paddling Guide 14” for points of interest near the park, for example, a 7 km paddle up Kemptville Creek to the town of Kemptville.

Rideau River is 40 minutes from Ottawa and 1.5 hours from Kingston. 

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