Grundy Lake backcountry sites

Backcountry at Grundy Lake Provincial Park

Today’s post comes from Grundy Lake Provincial Park, courtesy of Park Clerk Courtney Lafleur and Discovery Program Leader Jessica Schulze.

You’re an experienced car-camper. You’ve got a favourite campsite. You’ve memorized your ideal site setup, and can put your campsite together in record time.

But now you’re ready to up your camping game and try something different. Something a little bit off the beaten path.

Grundy Lake Provincial Park is the perfect spot to test the backcountry waters!

Why is Grundy Lake’s backcountry ideal for beginners and families?

Grundy backcountry

Campsites are easily accessible by canoe or kayak, just a short paddle from various access points throughout the park. Our sites, while paddle-in only, do not require any portaging.

loaded canoe
Want to practice your portaging skills? Grundy Lake has a few portaging trails where you can practice without the pressure of having a full canoe of equipment.

Some campers are looking for multi-hour or -day backcountry paddling, but this may be a bit daunting for beginner backcountry campers. Our sites are located between a 10- and 30-minute paddle (depending on skill level) from your launch point. (Those who want to test themselves can always change their launch point to make the trip longer).

This short paddle time also means that backcountry campers are far enough away to feel secluded, but are close enough to the main campground to utilize facilities like showers, laundry, and beaches, and participate in Discovery programming.

What do our backcountry sites look like?

Grundy Lake backcountry
Look for the orange markers — that’s how you’ll know where to land.

We have sites located on four of our lakes: three on Grundy Lake, three on Gurd Lake, two on Pakeshkag Lake and one on Beaver Lake.

Each site is marked by an orange tent symbol and comes equipped with a fire pit, picnic table and thunder box.

What’s a thunder box? It’s your restroom facility while camping in Grundy Lake’s backcountry (and they come with some spectacular views!).

Additionally, most sites have good swimming right off shore. And don’t forget to bring your fishing rods!

What else do you need to know about backcountry camping at Grundy Lake?

Our lakes are motor-boat free, meaning you won’t have any motor noise while trying to enjoy your backcountry experience. It also makes the paddle all the easier.

backcountry paddler

Also, Grundy Lake is located in bear country. This means that bear-proofing your site is very important (for all campers, whether in the backcountry or main campground), however in the backcountry you may need to be more creative.

backcountry trailHanging your food is a great way to do this, so make sure to bring some good, long rope to hoist bags over a branch of a tall tree so it is off the ground.  Some good rules are: 6 feet away from the trunk, 6 feet down from the hanging branch, 12 feet off the ground, and 200 feet from your tent area.

Never store anything that has a scent in your tent, including food, garbage and toiletries.  (For more information about camping in bear-country, check out tips on the web or give us a call at the park).

Backcountry camping is leave no trace. Always camp on the designated site and carry out all your garbage. This way, you’ll leave the backcountry natural and clean for future campers and wildlife!

So what are you waiting for?

New this year, Grundy Lake’s backcountry sites are reservable online; perfect for those who love to plan ahead!

Go ahead: step up your camping game and book a beginner’s trip to the backcountry.

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