Campsite vacancy highlights: June 29 – July 2

Keen to get out of town for the Canada Day long weekend?

This week’s vacancy highlights (available as of 12:00 pm on June 27, 2018) are primarily in northern Ontario, with one hidden gem in southern Ontario at the end of the post. 

Or scout out your ideal campsite on our Campsite Browsing/Reservation tool (including pictures of most campsites). Better hurry! Sites are being snapped up quickly.

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Memories are made of this…

The sun is shining, the gentle breeze is cutting the heat, and the soft waves are colliding against the shoreline behind you.  This is it, the perfect spot to start a new beginning, a perfect spot to get married.  Many people seek out the amazing backdrops of Ontario Parks to create unforgettable memories built upon laughter and smiles with family and friends while experiencing nature through camping, hiking, swimming, etc.  So, why not have that perfect backdrop for one of the most important days of your life?

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