Summer star parties 2016

Humanity’s fascination with the celestial bodies dates back millennia.

And times haven’t changed.

Camper families love stargazing especially from mid-July to late August during the Perseid meteor shower. At peak time (August 9-13, 2016) — if the skies are clear — you can see up to 50-100 meteors an hour!

Star parties are held in our parks every summer, especially in Northern Ontario, where there’s less light pollution.

Meteor-watching tips

stars over Frontenac

  • Bring a blanket or something to sit on and an extra layer of clothing for cooler evening temperatures
  • The best time to watch for meteors is when the sky is darkest. Moon phases make a difference (the less moon, the better)
  • Shooting stars (meteors) are pretty easy to spot if the skies are clear and you have sharp pair of eyes
  • Be patient. Meteors tend to come in waves with quiet times in-between
  • Become a “star” photographer with these night sky photography tips

Our 2016 summer stargazing events: 

Blue Lake Provincial Park, August 5-6

Join Peter Toth, astronomy enthusiast and past president of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, for a general astronomy presentation on constellations, planets, telescopes, deep space photography and more!

night sky at Quetico

Quetico Provincial Park, August 11-14

Join the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada as they guide visitors through the night sky. Presentations are followed by viewing the skies with amazing telescopes, kindly brought by members of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (Thunder Bay Chapter). The Annual Perseid Meteor Shower is always a highlight of this weekend. Come on out!

Killarney Provincial Park, August 12, 16, 23, 27, 30

Join Astronomer Bill Gardner at the Killarney observatory as he helps us to explore the constellations and wonders of the night sky! Don’t miss an up-close look at the Perseid Meteor Shower on Friday, August 12, or the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter on Saturday, August 27.

Rushing River Provincial Park, August 12

Join park staff at Rushing River’s Southside Beach to watch the Perseid meteor shower at its peak. Plan to spend at least an hour outside; the meteors often come in spurts and are interspersed with lulls.

Halfway Lake Provincial Park, August 25-28

Have a burning astronomy question ? Want to experience the night’s sky up close? Or simply looking to gain a little knowledge? Meet the Sudbury Astronomy Club and get some telescopic and binocular viewing of the night’s sky.

child with telescopeCharleston Lake Provincial Park, August 27

Summer stargazing at its best! Come see a million stars with internationally acclaimed astronomer and author Terence Dickinson as your expert guide. Explore the world of backyard astronomy, and then gaze through large telescopes at the majestic night sky (weather and clouds permitting).

Rushing River Provincial Park, September 2

Peter Toth, astronomy enthusiast and past president of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, will be giving a “laser show” of the night sky at Rushing River’s Southside Beach. Using a laser pointer, Peter will point out constellations. Park visitors will have an opportunity to look through a telescope to view stars and planets!

Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, September 2-4

A “out of this world” weekend with the Thunder Bay Royal Astronomical Society. The club is here to show you the universe and beyond.

Love the OP nightlife? Keep an eye on our event calendar!