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*NEW* Online permitting in 8 backcountry parks

We’re delighted to announce that eight of our backcountry (interior) parks now offer campers the freedom to purchase their permits online.

Here’s what you need to know about the new system:

Which parks offer online permitting?

Online permitting is now available at:

How do I pick up my permit online?

Online permitting can be completed here.

You’ll select your park and the dates of your stay, as well as your entry/exit point. You’ll also fill in the names of each member of your party, any licence plate numbers and other pertinent details.

interior permit screenshot

Payment can be made by Visa or Mastercard only.

Once you’ve completed the transaction, you will be invited to print your permit (a copy will also be sent to you via email).

How far in advance can I purchase my permit?

Permits can be purchased up to two weeks in advance of the first night of your trip.

Can I use this new system to reserve specific campsites?

No. This is an alternate (online) way to obtain your permit, NOT a reservation.

Campsites are still first come, first served, even if you’ve printed off your permit in advance.

Can I still pick up my permit in person from the park office?

paddler on lake
Yes. If you plan to pick up your permit in person, please contact the park you plan to visit for more details on permitting locations/hours.

At many of our wilderness and waterway parks, the permit office may be a long distance from your chosen access point, which is why we’ve made this option available.

Can I change my permit after I’ve purchased it?

All interior registrations are final. No changes or refunds are allowed through the online permitting system.

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