Introducing Sandbanks’ new campground

Work has been underway to create a new campground (while also providing a mitigation of habitat!) at Sandbanks Provincial Park

…and we’re just about ready to welcome campers!

Reservations for Sandbanks’ new West Lake Campground will be available starting May 11, 2017!

comfort station on grass

The new campground will feature 75 campsites being built on the West Lake side.

How are we balancing ecological integrity with recreational use?

Two new areas in West Point are being modified and mitigated to create new habitat for bobolinks and eastern meadowlarks, which nest in this area.

The new locations will be five times the area of the old locations and are of higher quality. The new habitat location will be maintained for at least 20 years to ensure these species-at-risk will have a location to nest at Sandbanks.

Want to book a stay?

Reservations for Sandbanks’ West Lake campground open on May 11, 2017, both online and through our call centre (1-888-668-7275).