Campsite vacancy highlights: September 10-12

“I need a vacation from my vacation!”

Get one last camping trip in to celebrate summer winding down. There’s plenty of options throughout the province, including two trailer-equipped sites!

Scout out your ideal campsite on our reservation service (including pictures of most campsites!), or check out these featured campsites (available as of noon on September 9, 2021):

Northeastern Ontario

René Brunelle Provincial Park

Site 71, East Bay Campground A. Tent camping or RVs up to 32 ft

René Brunelle offers excellent paddling opportunities on Remi Lake, especially exploring the park’s undeveloped north shore. The park rents canoes and kayaks.

This is an ecological region known as the boreal forest, often called the songbird nursery because so many nest here each summer. The four sandy beaches, shallow, clear water, and buoyed areas are perfect for family swimming.

René Brunelle is less than 2 hours from Timmins.

Wakami Lake Provincial Park

Site 34, Maple Ridge and Brown Bay Campground. Tent camping or RVs up to 18 ft. *waterfront*

This waterfront campsite is nestled in the forest on the shores of Wakami Lake. Discover pitcher plants and sundew on the park’s hiking trails, or rent a kayak and explore by water.

Did you know that Wakami Lake is one of Ontario Parks’ undiscovered fishing hotspots?

Wakami Lake is 4 hours from Sault Ste Marie, and 5 hours from Sudbury.

Northwestern Ontario

Rushing River Provincial Park

Site 405, Southwest Campground. *trailer-equipped*

Talk about an easy getaway. This site comes with a trailer already set up for you!

Rushing River is a favourite family camping destination with beaches, playgrounds, hiking trails, and endless opportunities for exploring.

This on-site travel trailer includes dinette, couch slide, screened-in “add-a-room,” cook stove, fridge, air conditioner, heater, and two sinks with potable water.

Rushing River is 2.5 hours from Winnipeg.

Blue Lake Provincial Park

interior of trailer
Site 401, B Campground. *trailer-equipped*

No RV? No problem! Blue Lake’s travel trailers are equipped with dinette, couch slide, screened-in “add-a-room,” cook stove, fridge, air conditioner, heater, shower, and two sinks with potable water.

Renowned for its crystal clear waters and long sandy beach, Blue Lake is an outstanding destination for all types of water activities. Take a canoe out, or spend the afternoon fishing for Walleye, Muskie, Pike, Lake Trout, and Smallmouth Bass.

Blue Lake is 3.5 hours from Winnipeg, and 4.5 hours from Thunder Bay.

Near North

Mikisew Provincial Park

Site 400, Campground 4. Tent camping or RVs up to 32 ft

The fall fun is endless at Mikisew!

There are three sand beaches for swimming located along Eagle Lake in Mikisew. The lake is also great for boating, paddling and fishing.

While you’re there, check out their 18-hole disc golf course!

Mikisew is just over 2 hours away from Barrie and 2.5 hours from Sudbury. 

Restoule Provincial Park

Site 218, Putts Point Campground. Tent camping or RVs over 32 ft

Restoule is a fall colours paradise!

Paddle along the base of the Stormy Lake Bluffs, or hike to the top for a view of the local landscape.

More than 90 species of birds frequent the waters and forests of Restoule, including Peregrine Falcons, Bald Eagles, and Osprey.

Restoule is 1 hour south of North Bay, and 2 hours north of Orillia.

Southeastern Ontario

Ferris Provincial Park

Site 149, Bedrock Campground. Tent camping or RVs up to 25 ft

At Ferris, you’ll find over 10 km of trails that take you through forest and riverside settings. The Ranney Falls Trail follows the original roadway to the park before looping back along the river.

The suspension bridge offers a panoramic view of the Trent River Gorge and — of course — the trail’s namesake Ranney Falls.

Looking to explore Northumberland County this fall? Ferris is the perfect basecamp!

Ferris is 1.5 hours from Kingston and just over 2 hours from Toronto.

Darlington Provincial Park

Site 302, Hilltop Campground. Tent camping

At Darlington, you will find a beautiful stretch of sandy beach on the shores of Lake Ontario. The sheltered waters of McLaughlin Bay are ideal for canoes and paddleboats.

Explore one of Darlington’s four hiking trails, including a scenic lookout to Lake Ontario!

Darlington is less than 1 hour from Toronto, 2 hours from Kingston, and 20 minutes from Oshawa.

Southwestern Ontario

Long Point Provincial Park

Site 245, Cottonwood Campground. Tent camping

This park is part of a 40-kilometre-long sand spit in Lake Erie which is recognized as a biosphere reserve by the United Nations.

It is a world-renowned refuge and stopover for migrating birds in fall. Its delicate dunes and marshes teem with songbirds, spawning fish, turtles, and frogs.

Long Point is just under 2.5 hours from Toronto, or 1.5 hours from London. 

Rondeau Provincial Park

Site 106, South Campground. Tent camping

Eleven beach accesses lead to 11 km of beautiful sandy beaches along the Lake Erie side of the Rondeau peninsula. The park also offers six hiking trails from which to explore this world-renowned birding destination.

Experienced birders can catch a glimpse of songbirds and warblers as they stop off at the park before migrating south to their overwintering grounds.

Rondeau is 3 hours from Toronto and 1.5 hours from London.

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