Daniel St-Amant Algonquin Artist in Residence

Algonquin Artist Residency

Visiting Algonquin this weekend? Don’t miss the chance to chat with a modern wildlife painter and the first Algonquin Artist-in-Residence!

Algonquin Provincial Park and the Algonquin Art Centre are thrilled to present the Golden Encore Artist’s Residency, from October 14-21.

Introducing Daniel St-Amant

Daniel St. AmantDaniel’s artistic practice represents a blend of wildlife painting and a medium he describes as “modern surface.” He lays his canvasses on road-surfaces in areas of urban traffic or construction, and lets vehicles leave their impressions.

Then, in the midst of those urban imprints, he paints wildlife that often seem poised in watchfulness, almost demanding that the viewer engage with them.

Curious about Daniel’s artistic process? Check this out:

Autumn’s “Golden Encore” takes place after the main flush of autumn colours. Once the reds and oranges of the maples have gone to sleep, the blazing yellows of the birches, the poplars, and the tamaracks flame up amid the deep greens of the pines and make for shockingly beautiful views.

Daniel St. Amant, FoxDuring this dramatic time of year, Daniel will be staying at a lodge inside Algonquin’s boundaries, on Clark Lake near the East Gate. He’ll get the chance to take in the peaceful setting around the lake, walk in the woods, reflect on his artistic practice, and spend some time on his own projects, some of which may be hanging in the Algonquin Art Centre next season!

Meet the artist

Want to ask Daniel questions about his process, or just hang out with a compelling artist in an inspiring setting?

Stop by:

Who’s next?

Daniel St. Amant, LooniesMark your calendar! The next Algonquin Artist Residency unfolds mid-February, just in time for the Winter in the Wild Festival weekend.

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Want to be the next Algonquin Artist-in-Residence?

The call for applicants will go out via the Algonquin Art Centre website in November.